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Women's Leadership

Powered by the energy of women business leaders from diverse industries who are committed to advancing themselves and each other, to take their businesses to the next level.

Connect, Educate, Empower. Support, Share, Inspire – the New Women’s Network!

Vision & Mission

A vibrant, digital and globally connected community of women business leaders that are empowered in unique ways to achieve extraordinary results.

To provide the knowledge, tools, mentoring support and access to each other that women need to further the growth and expansion of their businesses and professional careers

The Power of the Women’s Market

They talk about a 'woman's sphere'
As though it has a limit
There's not a spot on the sea or shore,
In sanctum, office, shop or store,
Without a woman in it.

Author Unknown

(Found in a 1905 book)

USA Statistics - the numbers tell the story

14.6 million

The combination of women - owned businesses

4 Out of 10

Businesses owned by women

$3.1 Trillion

In generated revenues

Transformational Events: Information You Can Put To Use Immediately

Women Leaders Share Business Breakthroughs - Interact with other women leaders, esteemed keynotes, panelists and WLE’s legendary Compass Award winners.
‘I found the events exhilarating. I met a wealth of women with the same focus – building our businesses together.’

Vanguard and Compass Awards

Each has broken new ground and shifted the paradigm of the way women are perceived as leaders in the world.

The ExchangeWay, coming soon
- a new way
of doing business.

A digital platform that will connect and engage women leaders 24/7 globally and change the way they do business. Accessible from any device, users support, communicate, contribute, and collaborate with each other to achieve collective success, sharing the tools, resources and life lessons to take their businesses to the next level.

A Digital Pathway
to Success

The innovative functionality of this digital forum will build and strengthen professional networks and offer an opportunity for women to exchange ideas, challenges & solutions…

WLE Growth Gurus

Be inspired and learn from the best with essential insights and perspectives on business growth.

Powering Women‘s Businesses

Thank you for your support and for actively participating in our diverse and inclusive community, a place where women could ask each other questions, bond and seek mutual support. It has won you the loyalty of women in business!
Success Stories
Supporting Organizations
"Deepest appreciation for the support of all the movers, shakers and doers who made the Women's Leadership Exchange an innovative and inspiring event!"
Billie Luisi-Potts, Executive Director, National Women's Hall of Fame, Seneca Falls, NY
WLE would like to show their appreciation to the over 350 supporting organizations and their members, nationwide.


'What a fabulous, professional, inspiring conference! I have been singing the praises of WLE to anyone who will listen ever since I returned. It was absolutely the best conference I attended and certainly the sessions I went to were right on in terms of growth issues.'
Sharon G Hadary, Executive Director, Center for Women's Business Research, Washington DC.

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